Global Citizen Journeys

What are Global Citizen Journeys? 

These journeys are specifically designed for global citizens who wish to experience the beauty of a destination while understanding the culture. They are mostly privately-guided from the moment of arrival and include great accommodations, but more importantly authentic experiences.  It is the ideal length in the country/region, include hand-selected properties that provide the best value and unique experiences such as learning traditions, interacting with local people, but still visiting iconic sites (although we schedule timings to avoid the large crowds). These journeys can be modified in any way to best suit your schedule, budget or desires. 

Why do you provide 'Suggested upgrade' or 'Optional downgrade' choices for hotels? 

Global Citizen Journeys are designed for a perfect combination of luxury, value and quality. However, we realize that everyone has a different budget and it is about the journey, not the destination.  We are only able to secure accommodations with a minimum of 3* as we support a spectrum of properties, but will never sacrifice on cleanliness or safety. Accommodation changes are also the best modifications to adhere to budget requirements while maintaining the overall experience.