GEM - Hotel B, Peru

Vibe - It's hard to put into words the amazing property called Hotel B, located in the Barranco neighborhood of Lima, Peru. I've had the pleasure of staying here on multiple occasions and it never disappoints. While many properties are located in the Miraflores district, Barranco is an upcoming neighborhood that has all of the authenticity of feeling as though you live there. Deemed the 'bohemian' part, the nightlife is relaxing, completely walk-able and is also the home of my favorite coffee shop in the entire world, Cafe Bisseti (check out their cofee laboratory!). Hotel B is situated on a corner and even from afar you can tell it's special with it's stark white facade and colonial look. As you enter the lobby, you immediately feel at home with over-sized couches and details for days. Just off the lobby is the bar, which is a hot spot among the locals. With unique cocktails and amazing appetizers (such as the BBQ octopus), it's only elevated with one of my favorite pieces of art at the hotel, a statue of Grecian god with 3 chocolate ice cream cones turned upside and melting on him. You should also venture next door to the art gallery which has rotating contemporary and eclectic art. The rooms are situated between two wings, both maintaining the vibe and various art installations, with rooms of various layouts such as a bathtub below a large piece of art or a balcony. A recent addition is their rooftop patio which offers amazing sunsets as it's only a couple blocks from the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. Between the contemporary art, neighborhood, class and vibe, Hotel B has remained one of my favorite properties across the globe from the moment I walked up the steps to my Peruvian home away from home.

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