GEM - QT Gold Coast, Australia

Lemonade - I arrived late at night and before I even walked in, my immediate thought was "Is this a modeling agency as well?" Every person on the staff was beyond attractive, but what was different is that they were all genuinely nice. While I waited a short moment to check-in, I was asked if I wanted to enjoy their candy bar. Obviously the answer was 'Yes' and after a quick check-in I was escorted to my room noticing a funky design throughout. Moments later there was a knock on the door with a model, I mean, concierge, offering to make a fresh lemonade cocktail for me. I explored the room to find a subtle touches of quirkiness mixed with class. Instead of slippers, there were bags with flip-flops. A unique parrot lit up the room and I was anxious to see what the view would be like in the morning. With no surprise, I awoke to watch the sunrise above the ocean with my balcony doors open and the smell of a new day in the air. I headed downstairs to the buffet breakfast (something that doesn't usually entice me) and was met with overwhelming joy. This was not like any breakfast I had encountered with various stations like meat carving, an amazing fruit bar that even had my favorite fruit, cumquats and more milk options than I even knew possible. As I checked-out I took a quick glance at the pool and knew in a few hours time, it was going to be a happenin' place and promised myself I would return soon. The QT brand has a few properties throughout Australia (and now one in New Zealand) and I've now seen 3 of their properties which have the coolest vibe, making it my all-time favorite brand of properties globally.