TIP - Luggage Durability

We've previously shared a luggage brand we love for carry-ons and now want to highlight how amazing the Samsonite brand can be with durability. Over the course of tens if not hundreds of thousands of miles a year, there is going to be wear and tear. When an airline damages the bag, it's a pretty easy process to get it fixed, but can take some time, so may not be worth the wait. Recently the wheel on an 8 year-old Samsonite bag was just not working, so we made a trip to the luggage store (even though we purchased it at a department store). As there was not enough time to send away to have it fixed the result was "Just pick out a new bag of the same size and we'll just swap it out." No lengthy process or forms, just pick one! How amazing is Samsonite's 10-year warranty?!?! No receipt to show, but they know based on style the age of it, plus the new bag comes with it's own 10-year warranty. Welcome to loyalty!