Global Citizen Travel Kit

We've traveled around the world multiples times and have learned a few things along the way. There are some essential items that you only discover you need when it's too late.  Our Global Citizen Travel Kit is the ultimate accessories package that should be included in any trip, whether your heading on your honeymoon, backpacking through the Himalayas or just a weekend getaway.  Some items can of course be purchased in larger quantities directly from companies, while others are branded in the style of a global citizen.  A travel kit is included for each person traveling with us, however others may find this helpful in their travels, so can be purchased directly. Check out our blog for more helpful information and products & accommodations we recommend. Or subscribe to our weekly newsletter announcing that week's Global Citizen Gem, Travel Tip and Global Citizen Journey.


  • 1 Tote Bag with zippered pocket
    • Branded: There's nothing to see here folks!
  • 1 Neck Buff
    • Branded: (Passport stamps from around the world)
  • 1 Reversible eye-mask
    • Branded: (front) Wake me for food!
    • Branded: (back) No food, only sleep!
  • 1 Quart-sized plastic bag
    • Branded: I don't make the rules, but I follow them!
  • 1 Water-resistant tote bag
    • Branded: Dirty or wet is how I like it! - said the bag
  • 1 Passport holder
    • Branded: Stamps make me happy!
  • 1 Two-ounce key chain container of Dr. Bronner's soap
    • Branded: I clean anything from clothes to hair to teeth!
  • 1 Ten-pack of Antibacterial Wipes
    • Branded: Sometimes (sh)it happens...
  • 1 Pen
    • Branded: Keep me handy!
  • 2 Carabiners
    • Branded: I'm hooked!
  • 40' of String
  • 5 Zipties
  • 2 Shower Pills
  • 7 Individually wrapped wipes