GEM - Mena House Hotel, Egypt

Pyramids - The first time you see the ancient pyramids of Giza, you'll immediately rethink civilization and the world as we know it. How were the Pyramids actually built with such large stones, at that size and with architecture allowing for hidden rooms. There are a few properties in the world where these ancient civilization icons are available with every view and the Mena House Hotel is one. Located outside of Cairo, in Giza, this hotel offers unparalleled views and access to these incredible man-made structures. Whether it's sunrise or sunset, sitting on the balcony takes you away to a time long ago, yet the comforts of today's lifestyle. There are suites located closer to the main building that have gardens with views and are traditional, however I'd opt for the new wing near the pool that are contemporary in style. The property is located within the confines of the Pyramid area so additional security points are necessary, but that also provides privileged early access as well. There are various eateries on property and a lengthy pool to enjoy. Throughout the hotel you'll find old photos of when the site was first discovered and really see the length of history that's located within view. Currently under construction but nearby is the new Egyptian Museum that will offer an expanded glimpse into the ancient past, allowing for dedicated time rather than transferring between experiences. A must-do while there is climbing into the Pyramid, although confined, well worth the crouching and heat, ultimately arriving to a room once dedicated to rituals. Often times in celebration whether national or even individually such as weddings, you'll see fireworks behind the Pyramids truly making it a sight unforgettable and all from the luxury of your room.

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