TIP - E-Visas

The E-visa options are becoming more popular in countries and often times these lines are the shortest, plus you don't have to surrender your passport for weeks at a time. Just make sure you have a passport photo image! For visa-on-arrival options, make sure you know the process, so you can quickly get through. (Sometimes you can pre-fill out the form or you may need to pay and get a receipt in another line.) If you're not given the form on the plane, grab it quickly and fill it out while waiting in line to save time. Note that visa-on-arrival options generally don't allow for multi-entry or validity for more than a couple months, so if you plan on going to say, India, a few times, it's more cost-effective to do the normal visa. No matter where you go, Global Citizen Journeys will prepare you for the visa options. BONUS TIP: Take advantage of any extended layovers through China, with 18 cities have 72-hour visa free